Friday, November 7, 2014

Do you Kittiwat?

As a rule, I don't review restaurants. To do a real review, you need to share the bad along with the good, and I just hate criticizing someone else's hard work. (SIDEBAR: I mean, have you ever worked in a restaurant? It's tough, backbreaking work, and folks are often putting their hearts and souls on the plate. I'm not the sort that can write how much they suck without it feeling cruel. If you don't have something nice to say... right?? )

Today though, it's easy to break my own informal rule to bring you Kittiwat, a fantastic new Thai restaurant here in Frederick.

Sarah, Krista, and me, on a break between classes
I know, I've got crazy eyes and six chins here, but this is a pic of the inside of the latest Thai restaurant in town. Situated beside Baltimore Coffee and Tea on Crestwood, this super yummy joint is my latest obsession.

With modern design and a not overly huge menu, Kittiwat sticks to traditional Thai fare in a clean, modern setting. Nervous to really branch out and sticking with the Pad Thai? The menu gently suggests asking for it in the traditional manner, with dried shrimp added to the mix for authenticity. Do that...please.

Chicken Satay, which may be pedestrian, but delicious, with fab dipping sauces

Some sort of fried pumpkin special...which was also tasty and served with more awesome sauce

Breaking it down, here's what I love, and what I don't about my new favorite restaurant:

  • Food is spot on and fantastic. Served piping hot, I have yet to be disappointed by a dish, and I've eaten there several times in the past few weeks.
  • Service is terrific and friendly.
  • The space looks cool and hip.
  • It's close to work, and I can zip over for a quick lunch.
  • Panang curry...with shrimp...sooooooo good.
  • The sauces. Oh my, the sauces...
  • It seems just slightly pricey (pineapple fried rice with mixed seafood is $20, panang curry with shrimp is $15, fountain sodas are $3), though it could be that I am incapable of going to a restaurant and ordering a single dish, thus upping my bill. 
  • The lunch menu is tiny.
  • The kitchen closes between 2:30-4. This seems reasonable, but as I often work split shifts, I'm still sitting there when they're trying to catch a break.
  • The cool, hip look, with high, open ceilings, concrete floors and subway tile walls is almost certainly clankingly loud if there's a crowd. There's really nothing around to absorb sound, but hey, there's always take-out.
  • The type on the take-out menu is so, so tiny, that no one over 20 could possibly read it without a struggle.
The pluses (food, service, curry) are definitely way more awesome than my pickiness (a little pricey, loud, tiny type take-out menu), no question. So go, check out Kittiwat, enjoy a little red curry and a few spring rolls and have a great time. Let me know what you think.