Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Objective: Here Fishy Fishy!

Every January 1, I make a list of resolutions of that I somehow seem to break by January 2. You know the type -- I want to cook at home more, eat less, workout more and so on.


This year, instead, I've decided to make a monthly resolution objective. It seems more realistic to create a challenge that lasts a max of just 31 days, than try to commit myself to something for an entire year and fail. I mean heck... I LOVE a challenge. I trained myself and completed a marathon for heavens sake, and I don't even like to run! And 30 days? I can do just about ANYTHING for 30 days. Amiright?

For January, I've decided to give up meat and go pescetarian. That is, veggies and fish, but no beef, pork, chicken, duck, or any other creature along those lines. It's not so much the not eating anything with a face issue, but more so that with not feeling super healthy lately, I'd like to jump start my diet a bit and give some new things a try. I get into a rut just like anyone else, and I'm ready to challenge myself to eat...better. My super fab sister-in-law Mo went vegetarian last spring (the lowest maintenance vegetarian I've ever met btw), and I've found it inspiring.

Now don't misunderstand because hey, French fries are vegetarian, so yup, there are certainly loopholes (or escape hatches) in any veggie/fish-centric diet. In fact, tonight's super fab breakfast-for-dinner meal of eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce (sans Canadian bacon for me) hit the heart-stopping bill perfectly. Not to worry, my avocado sandwich for lunch had a healthier vibe to it.

So day one...success! Care to join me?

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