Monday, September 2, 2013

This Week at The Kitchen Studio

I'm starting a new format where each week I'm going to post a few different items. Let's start with Mondays, shall we? Each Monday, I'm going to pop up what's happening at TKS that week. It's a great opportunity to put out there if we've got available class spots (take classes...we love to cook with you!!) and if we've got anything free, fun, or unusual too.

This week, we've got a few different events:

Cupcakes! (Thursday, 9/5, 9a-12p, Ages 8-16)

School is closed, so we're going to get together and have some cupcake-baking fun! This super fun 3-hour class will have your teen/child baking and decorating like a pro. All participants will prepare cupcakes from scratch, then have 6 to decorate and take home to share. We'll be using both buttercream and fondant.

We still have lots of space left in these, and would LOVE to cook with your kids this Thursday!! Cost is $45.

Just Like an Italian Cooking Frederick! (Friday, 9/6, 6:30-9p)

Remember that trip I took to Italy back in the spring? This class features a few of my favorite dishes that I learned at the Italian Cooking School I attended.  Here's the class description (it's a demo btw):  

You don't need to take a cooking vacation in Italy to learn authentic Italian dishes! Join us for the light-hearted and fun rustic Italian-themed class based on a trip to the mountainous Abruzzo region of Italy. Menu includes Involtini di Prosciutto con Arugula (arugula, prosciutto & Parmesan), Polpettine Cacio e Uova (egg & cheese dumplings), Focaccia, and Sorbetto al Limon & Limoncello.   Cost is $55.

Polpettine Cacio e Uova & Focaccia (homey & delicious)
Involtini di Prosciutto con Arugula (I could eat a hundred of these)
Sorbetto al Limon & Limoncello (looks so good..right?)

We also have two kid's cooking birthday parties on Saturday, but those are private events already set by lovely parents. You can always arrange to hold a bday party for someone you love, kid, teen, or adult. We love 'em and have been doing a ton of them lately. We've also been holding lots of bachelorette parties on Saturday nights (3 in August alone!) and have had the most wonderful groups of ladies grace our kitchen. Such fun, and seems like everyone is sporting fab shoes too! ;)

Next week, we've got a mini class on Cooking with Herbs working (short and satisfying!), so feel free to take a look at our class calendar here.

Thanks, and see you back here on Wednesday!

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