Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August, So That Must Mean...

We're gearing up for fall at The Kitchen Studio! Woo hoo!

Today is our 8th anniversary, and I couldn't be prouder. Over the past 8 years, I've washed a lot of dishes (though not as many as my super terrific awesome staff), written even more emails, developed classes and recipes, mopped the floor, bought 5 different computers (computers in the kitchen have a fairly short lifespan), taught over 700 classes (no wonder my feet hurt!), made many hires, and no fires, got to work early, stayed at work super-late, and had a heck of a good time in the process.

See, I really like my job, and especially the folks that go along with it. So thank you. Thank you to all of our wonderful students. Thank you to all of our vendors who put up with my last minute requests, and thank you to my family, who have also washed a good number of dishes and listened to my harebrained schemes along the way.

This fall, the hope is to write weekly on the blog, in addition to my gigs with The Gorilla and Chesapeake Family magazines. In the brand new issue of The Gorilla, I have a fun article about local beef and my friend Josh, fab badass butcher dude at The Common Market. Here's a link to the article (leave a comment please!!), and when you stop by Common Market, stop by the meat department and say hello. He'd love to meet you (really!). Isn't he adorable?

Right now, I'm push, push, pushing my way to full attendance at both our adult and kid's classes. We're already stating to book fall private events, and I am ALL IN as we take on everything that comes our way. I'm hoping for a busy couple of months, and would love your ideas and feedback. Really. Because I couldn't do this without you.

 Just to give you a little taste, here are a few of the classes on the September calendar:
  • Just Like an Italian Cooking Vacation...In Frederick!
  • Bacon Date Night, Beyond the Pig
  • Mini Classes: Gourmet Pizza & Cooking with Herbs (they were muy popular over the summer-just 2 hours and 40 bucks!)
  • Making the Most of Your Pressure Cooker
  • Mediterranean Meze
  • Saturday Night Special: Small Plates, Big Flavor
  • Kid's and Teen Afterschool Classes (3 week series, starting the end of September)
  • Special School's Closed Classes on school Holidays for kids and teens
And we're just getting started!

One quick note for you: Some folks using Microsoft Explorer have had some trouble viewing future months on our class calendar page. This is a bug in that browser, and we're working on a fix. Just pop onto Google Chrome or FireFox instead and you should be in the clear. And thanks for sticking with us!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what sort of pizza will be made in the Gourmet Pizza class.

Chef Christine said...

We're going to freestyle a bit with caramelized onions, goat cheese, other specialty cheeses, veggies, etc. They're awesome!