Sunday, June 2, 2013

"New" TKS Summer Camp: DESSERT & Diner Delights

Soooooo...I was planning camps this winter and started thinking about diners and how iconic and fun the food is. It's not necessarily super complex, and kids and teens seem to love it, so I pulled together a week-long summer camp based on the theme.

But after a little thought, I started to wonder if we should broaden a bit, and add something the kids & teens are super familiar with, like maybe...DESSERTS!

Desserts are a great way to get kids and teens cooking, because hey, everybody likes desserts. In fact, one of the reasons that I even started cooking was so that I could make all the desserts that my crazy powerful sweet tooth craved. I'd whip up cream puffs and chocolate eclairs because, well, I could.

From there, I became the hot dog queen of Pennsylvania. I could make a hot dog anyway you wanted it. Sliced and placed on middle-school quality apps, bathed in homemade bbq didn't matter. I loved hot dogs, so I'd use them anyway I could. And from there, I learned such a wide variety of cooking and balanced things flavor-wise and nutritionally.

Why do I tell you this? 

We've made a change to our Diner Delights camp being held the week of June 24-28 at The Kitchen Studio. Now the camp is called DESSERTS & Diner Delights, and will include a pretty major dessert everyday in camp, developing and honing baking skills in kids ages 8-11 & 12-17. In addition to making a diner-themed meal, we'll be rocking out some pretty serious desserts too, stoking the sweet tooth and with it the desire to learn to cook beyond sugary sweetness. Besides, everyone likes pies, cakes, brownies, and cookies...don't they? You've got to start somewhere, and balancing a meal, then serving a bit o' yum at the end is never a bad thing.

So do me a favor -- tell you favorite young cook that we've got some space for them and we'd love to show them how to cook great food, AND great desserts at The Kitchen Studio this summer. In fact, if they use the code DESSERT, they can even save $20. Just pop on over to our web site right here and get things started.

Thanks, and happy cooking!

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