Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Been A While this thing on?

I've slacked on the blog, no doubt. But that's because there's so much going on down at The Kitchen Studio...and beyond!

I'm a blogger. Ok, blogger-ish. I write every week for and write a monthly column for their print magazine that's distributed around Annapolis. That's where a bunch of my writing energy has been going. Take a look and check that out when you have a minute if you're dying to see what I'm writing.

I'm also writing for The Gorilla, a funky local magazine here in Fredrock. I've got an article in next month's issue on a really interesting dinner series I found here in town, but with a twist. You'll have to stay tuned for that one, but once it's out, I'll be sure to let you know.

We've also got what seems like a million new classes running at The Kitchen Studio. Last night we had a class that was all about the bacon. So much fun, and instructor Carla Lemons nailed it! Today it's birthday parties and a private Mystery Basket session for a group of 20 coming up from Potomac. It's going to be a crazy night, but we're ready.

We're also launching a brand new health initiative, Hearth to Health with RD Amanda Archibald. The kick-off is this Monday, 1/14, and here's what we're talking about:

Tired of daily sound bytes telling you what to eat? Fed up with one more “superfood” claim, or the daily “top ten” food list? One day something’s good for you and the next day it’s not. Perhaps we should all take some dining cues from our ancestors? Maybe glean a little knowledge from folks who live to be 100 or more?  In this class, we’ll explore which foods, cooking practices and lifestyles are consistent with the living well around the world.  Then we’ll link the underlying science to your health.  1.5 hours

Leave with:
  • 7 strategies for organizing your food lifestyle in easy ways
  • What to put on your plate without reading labels or doing arithmetic
  • High octane strategies for getting the most nourishment per bite
  • A nutrition road-map for the rest of your life
  • Resources for reading and cooking
  • Membership in Private Facebook Group
We even make it a snap to take this class for FREE. Just register for the 4-class series (1/28, 2/4, 2/11, & 2/25) and use the code H2H at checkout to receive your discount. 

You can also join us in class on Monday if you like and register from there if the program feels like the right fit to you. I'm super-excited about changing things up diet-wise so that it doesn't feel like some weird deprivation thing that you go on and off of.

That's the update here, and thanks for sticking around. Happy New Year!

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