Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cider House Rules: Distillery Lane Ciderworks

In my quest for the new and interesting, I've been getting my booze on lately. And no, I'm not talking so much about drinking, but more the bottling and researching and even wee bit o' writing.

One of the stops on my local booze-o-rama tour is Distillery Lane Ciderworks in Burkittsville for an article in the current issue of The Gorilla, a fab magazine about town. Being a huge hard cider fan, it was particularly delightful to find a local orchard pressing and fermenting the good stuff right here in Frederick County. After tasting bunches of different ciders, I was surprised to find out that I actually need a little fizz with my apples for maximum enjoyment.

Want to take a look at the article? Just click on through right here for the full story. And while you're at it, plan a visit to Burkittsville, take 5 buckaroonies with you for a tasting, and a little more to purchase a few bottles of locally grown and magically produced hard cider. 

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