Monday, May 14, 2012

Intro to Canning at The Kitchen Studio (or How to NOT Kill Your Family & Still Eat Yummy Food)

Canning is definitely a case of everything old is new again...don't you agree?

Just take a look at that picture. Middle of winter, I assure you those goodies, carefully and safely tucked away in those snappy jars, are a welcome sight. Depending on the severity of the winter, one might go as far as to say those jars are dead sexy. I kid you not.

Due to a small error in calculation, I just planted 15 tomato plants, 5 cucumbers, a bunch of peppers, and some other stuff that truthfully, I don't have a clue about. Ok, and when I say that I planted them, I mean that I forced my children into slave labor and had them do the planting. For Mother's Day. Y'know...because I'm a mom. So who KNOWS what will happen over the course of the summer.

But if all goes well, and my gardening by neglect doesn't fail (seriously, how can this not work?), I shall be rewarded with lots of yummy things. Too many yummy things. And that's where canning comes in.

Caroline McAllister is one of my instructors at TKS. She's awesome. Just look at her.

Caroline is one of those real frontier woman types. She grows her own garden (really, really well), takes care of varmints (you simply must ask her about groundhogs), and cans all those extra goodies for her family. She's a real pro. She's kind of like The Canning Queen of Frederick, which is why she's teaching Intro to Canning at The Kitchen Studio on Saturday, June 30 at 9am.

Caroline is going to teach you how to can without killing those you love. Isn't that fun, that little element of danger? Ok, not really, which is why it's important to really know what you're doing if you're going to start canning.

In class, Caroline will show you the tools you'll need (not many, and they're fairly inexpensive) and the process of water bath canning. You'll whip up Spiced Strawberry Butter, Chamomile Scented Strawberry Syrup, Dilled Carrots, and of course, Classic Cherry Preserves. Cost of the class is $65 per person and does include a few samples to take home.

Space is pretty limited in class, so bust a move and get your registration in now. You''ll learn a new (old) skill that you'll have for a lifetime. You can register for class right here. Thinking of taking another fun-filled class this summer at TKS? Please do! We have great options over the summer, and you can peruse the class calendar here. We'd love to cook with you this summer, whether it's Modern Greek (I simply cannot get enough Fattoush right now), our Summer Deck Party, Summer Ravioli, or even our not-quite-famous Farmer's Market class. We'll see you soon!

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Bruce said...

Water bath canning only, correct?