Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food Resolutions 2012

Yup-that time of year again. This is the time where I beat myself about the head and shoulders, desperately hoping to improve myself food-wise for the coming months. Do you do the same?

I can always thing of things to improve myself overall (whoo boy can I think of things!!), but in 2012, I'm upping the ante. I taking it big. BIG I say. BIG.

Here's what I've got food-resolution wise, 2012:

  • Submit at least one recipe to the fab site Food 52, because they're where it's at for crowd-sourced cooking, and they have some excellent credentials plus a fab new cookbook you should check out
  • Relaunch my teen & tween cooking site, Gotta Break Some Eggs with a weekly schedule, new cooking videos and recipes, and a section just for teens & tweens to submit their own recipes & photos (On track for Feb 1 btw:)
  • Take better food pics with my terrific Nikon 5100
  • Continue to develop fun, new classes for The Kitchen Studio that people love and will help them learn in the kitchen and have a good time too
  • Make my own mayo more often, because it's awesome (and you can too, just look here)
  • Do more real food writing, including my regular monthly column and weekly blog for Chesapeake Family Magazine
  • And more kale. No, really! I just did this whole thing on massaging kale to eat it in a raw salad, and it was pretty darn good. Pinky swear. :)

So now it's your turn. Any food resolutions 2012? I'd love to hear 'em. And Happy New Year!


Sara R. said...

I love massaged kale salads! I don't have any real resolutions, I'm just trying (as always) to eat clean food and not too much of it! And by the way, your instructions a couple months back for boiling rice like pasta have changed my life!

Chef Christine said...

I so love to hear that Sara!! Please let me know if you have any super fab recipes that you want to share. I'm trying a bit more of the clean eating thing myself.

Sara R. said...

I do have a couple good kale recipes! My favorites are:

Just barely blanched kale drained and drizzled with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil (I had some like this at NOLA last year)

Sweet onion kale:

And my favorite is the recipe I posted on my blog yesterday for a massaged kale salad :-)