Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Studio in The News: Frederick Gazette

So I'm a little behind the times.


I'm getting back in the swing and thought I should share this little bit of loveliness that was in a recent issue of The Frederick Gazette:

Did I mention that this made the front page?

I'm not sure what I like best...the obvious double chin or the complete baby fish mouth wide open thing. But don't the kids look great? And like they're having fun?

That's because they are! Every Christmas vacation, we hold a two-day mini-camp at The Kitchen Studio. It's the most wonderful time of the year. This is one of my very favorite camps because lots of the kids have just celebrated Christmas, they've all had time off of school, and they're enjoying this short break. They haven't had time to settle into the ennui of summer and they are enthusiastic to have something to do, especially if that something is cooking!

One of the reporters from The Gazette, Margarita Raycheva, contacted me and asked if she could come to TKS and meet some of the kids and take a few photos. We were happy to oblige.

My favorite part of the article? Check this out, "Like a military general commanding her troops, Van Bloem, of Frederick, stood surrounded by her little chefs in the middle of her kitchen in an office building on Buckeystown Pike on Tuesday and guided them as they worked to prepare a meal of English meat pie, German potato dumplings, Dutch desert pastry and whipped cream."

How much fun is that?? Military general? I LOVE it! If you want to read the complete article and see a few more pictures, this time of super cute kids and not my baby fish mouth (a shout-out to anyone who's ever seen When Harry Met Sally), you can check it out here.

Summer camp registration begins March 1, this year with 8 full weeks of camp. Holy moley!!


matthewboh said...

You ARE a rock star!

Chef Christine said...

And YOU are a sweetheart for even reading. Thanks!!