Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Make Easy Roasted Red Peppers

Last night, as I was whipping up some chicken souvlaki & French potato salad, I found an errant red pepper hiding in the fridge. Being a fan of the little guy, especially once he's all soft and sweet, I thought I'd toss him on the grill and take care of business.

(pic from Fairway in NYC *sigh*)

My brother and his wife were joining us for dinner and looked at me like I was crazy once I started burning the pepper. I thought maybe, if I laid it all out, they, and you, could appreciate the quick, easy way to roast, ok, grill, bell peppers.

Easy Roasted (Grilled) Red Bell Peppers

One quick note before I get started: I did learn this in cooking school-promise. I've just adapted a little for the grill.

1. Start your grill and turn it on high. Place the pepper on the grill and grill all sides until black (not gray-we want this puppy charred).

2. Remove pepper from grill and place on a paper towel. Safety Note: Be sure that you don't have a flaming stem before you put pepper to towel. Personal Note: Ignore the Butterworth in the photo. It's not mine... Really... Pinky-swear?

3. Wrap that pepper, gently, in the paper towel.

4. Place the paper towel-wrapped pepper in a plastic grocery bag and close the bag tightly. Set to the side and take a break for a 10-15 minutes. Maybe make yourself a cocktail. Hey, I know! How 'bout a Tom Collins?

5. Here's where the magic happens. By placing the hot pepper in the plastic bag, steam will be created, loosening the skin from the pepper. Cool, right?

6. Now, use the paper towel to pull off the skin. The towel is a little abrasive and will help you easily remove the skin without messing up your manicure too much. SUPER-fancy.

7. Now, revel in your awesomeness and put that sucker in salads, sandwiches, wherever it makes you happy. You now have mad skillz yo.

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