Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Earth Day Tip for Cafe Nola Fans

Alright darlins', who doesn't know that Earth Day is just around the corner (Thursday, 4/22)? If you're a fan of Cafe Nola, you may want to take note.

Why you ask?

Because of Cafe Nola's super-duper green-ness and dedication to sustainability, I found out from my fave barista today that they will NOT be offering to-go containers or disposable cups on Thursday in honor of Earth Day.

Now, I gotta say that the first few times out, I wasn't really feeling the groovy hipness that is Cafe Nola. I have no tattoos and I'm so not cool and I am a little, well, zippy. Nola is a bit more laid back and relaxed, and truthfully, now one of my very favorite places in Frederick.

After the demise of La Dolce Vita (excellent coffee but tragically slow), I needed to get my coffee groove on, and Nola seemed the most likely place to try. Starbucks's brew no longer works for me and I really didn't know where else to go. I sucked it up, hit up Nola, and have been happy ever since.

Ok, ok, so their wireless is spotty and they're feeling more of a restaurant-vibe than a coffee house sit-and-chill-all-morning vibe, but I can make that work (they haven't kicked me out yet). And if I can get Good Lovin' in the morning (get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about their egg sandwich on fab foccaccia bread with yummy pesto) with my capp, I'm all set.

If you're thinking brunch, a word to the wise -be a door buster when they open at 10 on Sunday mornings. The place has a waiting line out the door by 11. Better to be breakfasted without a mimosa and get a seat (alcohol isn't served until after 11 or 12). Are you with me??

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