Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VOLT Special Snowpocalypse Menu: Wednesday Only!

**UPDATE 12:44p, 2/10 - Looks like Volt is now totally booked for tonight. And yeah, you're welcome ;)**

You know all this snow? Well, it's not only messing with you and your home, but it's messing with a lot of small businesses too.

Yesterday, downtown Frederick was like a ghost town. I've never seen it so empty. NO ONE was walking around and indeed, my family was the only one in the entire dining room at Brewer's Alley (had the kids, yo) for lunch.

Here's the thing, you can use this crappy weather to your advantage, in fact: This is YOUR chance to try the awesomeness that is Volt. Ever since Chef Bryan showed his mad skillz on Top Chef, it's tough to get in and, let's be honest here, it's usually a little pricey (not that you're not getting what you pay for, but that's still out of my price range-sorry).

BUT, this is where things get cool, and not for the reason you think:

Per Hilda, co-owner of Volt, today, Wednesday, February 10, 2010, Volt is offering a special "snow-prix" menu in their dining room for just (wait for it, wait for it...) $35. (I'm pretty sure that this is in line with their restaurant week pricing.)

If you don't know, that's pretty major. But here's the cool part:

Since the weather is horrible (at best), and since all of their suppliers have canceled their deliveries (can't blame them, but, darn), and since Volt doesn't freeze anything, Chef Voltaggio is going is going to really show his skills by working just with the ingredients on hand. Cooking, until they run out of food. Talk about a Top Chef challenge!

This is a chance for you to see someone with talent, real talent, work within the confines of his kitchen. No specially-delivered foie gras from a 63-day old goose, no imported blah, blah blah brought in especially for this meal, but really, pantry cooking at its best. Now between you and me, Volt's pantry is probably better stocked than any around, so the food will not only be inventive, but excellent as well.

Seriously, I don't know why you haven't called them already (and you can, at 301-696-VOLT). If you're downtown, you can certainly walk (I have a feeling that snow boots will be acceptable attire), and if not, pull out that 4-wheel drive that you almost never get to use and feel free to park in Volt's side lot. It's all there-plowed & free-just waiting for all of you "snow-prix" customers.

And while you're at it, go ahead and do your best to patronize all of the small businesses you can right now, any way you can. If not today, then tomorrow, or Friday, or Saturday. This storm is more than snow, and it's tough for any business to go a week or two, shut down. Especially right before Valentine's Day. Or really, any day. So stop in to anyone who's open, or check them out online (Cooking class anyone? You can register here!). But whatever you do, just let me know how dinner is!

Your fan,



Hilda said...

Everyone in the neighborhood turned out. Thanks for your awesome post and continued support. Hilda.

Chef Christine said...

Of course they turned out - it was a great opportunity! Thanks for throwing this out there to the local crowd. Everyone loves a snow day!