Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lookin' for Cookin' Teens & Tweens!

Have you checked out our super blog for teen & tween cooking? Gotta Break Some Eggs is all about getting teens & tweens in the kitchen and building a little confidence while they're there.

Well today, we're adding a new component to the site: our Gallery of Cooking Stars!

This is a place for teens & tweens to send us their stuff: short cooking videos (2 minutes or less please) and pictures of themselves making a little magic happen in the kitchen. Silly? Great! Serious? Terrific! We just want to see the kid's real flavor come through.

If we like what we see, we'll add them to our gallery. It's a fun place for them to show their stuff.

And since I'm a mom too, we'll identify the teens & tweens by first name and last initial only. No school name, towns, or last names. We'll keep things super safe.

Send us your child's pics and videos at and stay-tuned to Gotta Break Some Eggs!

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Erica C. said...

I love Tip #6 for bday parties