Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've got Moxie, How 'Bout You?

By now, you've surely heard about Moxie, yes?

Moxie is a delightful, brand-spanking-new cafe/bakery located on North Market St. just between 6th & 7th St. Moxie is the retail shop for Cakes for Cause, a snappy new social enterprise created to train youth in a practical skill. Aw heck, here's what I lifted from their site:

Cakes for Cause operates a social enterprise bakery/café that provides job training and support to vulnerable youth in Frederick, Maryland. Our primary purpose is to give youth options for their future through vocational services.

Our apprentices go through an intensive 6-month curriculum that teaches basic bakery skills alongside restaurant service skills in an energetic and fast-paced café that serves the community at large. More importantly, the role of Cakes for Cause is to help vulnerable youth internalize change—in their surroundings, through their employment opportunities, and within themselves.

Last Friday, October 17th, the shop officially opened, and boy, is it cute. And yummy-smelling. And happy!

Three days, four visits.

I must say, I love a good cappuccino more than I should, and have had several in the past few days. The espresso comes from Dublin Roasters in New Market and is rich and delicious. I'm a little bit of a cappuccino prima-donna, and for those who are particular about their milk, Moxie carries skim and whole milk only. I've been giving in to the whole milk, but know that can't last or I'll have to make the move to all elastic pants. NOT a good look.

The pastries I've had so far (pain au choclat, various scones, pain au Nutella, & lemon meringue tart) have been lovely. Fresh and tasty, and due to some excellent timing, even some right out of the oven. There's not a dud in the bunch! Perhaps this could be more of an elastic waistband warning than the whole milk thing. Hmmmmmm.

Service is warm and friendly, and can be a bit unhurried, but don't let that throw you. These folks are working their butts off and are running more smoothly with every passing visit, not that I've experienced any bumps in the road. Not too shabby for only being open a week! I've taken the time to ask questions and the wonderful staff has actually taken the time to answer them, which I love.

For now, the folks at Moxie are figuring out the best hours to be open, and as of today it looks like Tuesday through Saturday 6a-7p, Sunday 10a-3p, and closed on Mondays. Be aware though that the schedule can change as they figure out traffic flow. Personally, since Sundays are usually my only day off during the week, I'd love to see them open earlier so that when I'm walking the dog, I can stop in for my early morning coffee-lovin' and pastry. But that's just me.

I'm excited to see how Moxie develops and how things run in mid-November once the kids come on board. Elin Ross, the executive director and pastry goddess extraordinaire, has assembled a great space, a great staff, and wonderful pastries. So visit Moxie, sit back, relax, and soak in the atmosphere of butter, sugar, and a little bit of happiness. I'll be ordering another Pain au Nutella just as soon as they open back up again on Tuesday.

See you there?


JenniferG said...

I've also been. So amazing! I am switching all of my business meetings to Moxie. How could you not walk the extra couple of blocks down Market? It is wonderful....

Chef Christine said...

I actually live closer to Moxie than others downtown. I'm a fan!

Shelly said...

Well, I don't live downtown (wish I did) but I am anxious to try them. Is there parking available nearby?

Chef Christine said...

Just park somewhere in the neighborhood and you'll be good. I haven't had any trouble find parking, though I usually do walk. Even a few blocks is certainly worth the trip!