Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shall We Have a Little Private Fling?

This fall, I am starting to notice a serious trend, and I like it: Private Cooking Classes.

I just loooooove private classes! Not only do we get to have some fun with menu planning, but we also get to work with a wide variety of groups. We're talkin' neighbors looking to have a night out without the kids (fun), bachelorette parties gettin' it goin' with our slinky aphrodisiac menu (woo hoo!), and even companies either looking for team-building or to wine & dine clients or staff.

We've got so many cool things going on this fall that I'm bursting a little. Not only are we headed up to York, PA for an on-site culinary team-building session, but we're also headed into some private homes to host hands-on cooking classes, as well as hosting several at The Kitchen Studio. We still have space for you to schedule your event, and it's never too early to think about the holidays. See? The first cool days arrive and I'm already thinking December!!

Bored with your book club? Host a meeting at The Kitchen Studio and we'll whip up something related to your book and give your meeting a whole new spin.

Know someone getting married? We've already got a bachelorette party in the works, but we've also hosting bridal shower brunches (how well does that fit in with a kitchen theme? Duh!) and have the bride help with all of the cooking.

Want to pull your team together at work? Get out of the office and into the kitchen! Culinary team-building is a hoot and can go from an easy demo class to our Iron Chef-style challenge, which is always a blast!

I know, I know - Stop talking about The Kitchen Studio CVB, we're not here for that! BUT, if you are thinking about having a little get-together this fall, keep us in mind. We'll throw down for you as seriously as we can, help you learn a little and laugh a lot, and all for around the cost of a really nice dinner out in Frederick. Plus, we do the dishes. And I ask you people, how awesome is that?

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