Monday, September 21, 2009

Pumpkin Throwdown - Fredrock Style

Sooooo, I've been asked to judge a pumpkin recipe contest being held at Summers Farm on October 10. Never one to turn down good food, I totally said YES. I am all about fall food, and pumpkin is a favorite. Think you've got the goods to win? Here's the info on the contest:

"Calling all bakers! Come and participate in Frederick’s only pumpkin recipe contest at the Maryland Pumpkin Festival. Start working on your recipe because you will soon be able to register! A panel of local chefs will be judging your creations, which must use pumpkin and be an original creation. You will create your masterpiece and bring it to the Maryland Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 1o for judging and the awarding of prizes. Please visit for more information on how to enter."

And on a personal note, don't feel that you need to provide yet another recipe for grandma's pumpkin bread or go crazy with raisins. BE CREATIVE PEOPLE! I love savory pumpkin dishes and know that you can rock it out. So do it. 'K?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Save 15% on Spanish Foods!

Do you looooove Spanish Foods? I'm talkin' about Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese, and of course, gorgeous Spanish olives. If so, it's your lucky weekend!

Firestone's Market on Market is offering 15% off all Spanish foods this weekend only, September 5th & 6th. Want the extra-special news? You can even taste these goodies if you drop in between 5-9 on Saturday night during First Saturday. Rumor has it you may even find a little bit of Spanish music going on too.

So, wiggle your little buns down to Market St. this weekend, between Church & 2nd, and just a few doors down from Firestone's and The Tasting Room, grab a taste, and buy some yummies. You'll be happy you did. Ole!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How 'Bout a Free Cup of Coffee?

Don't know if you've heard or not, but Baltimore Coffee & Tea, located over in the extended Westview area off of Crestwood Dr. is offering FREE coffee & tea this month at their new Frederick location. As in All. Month. Long. For real. Trust me; I do not joke about caffeine.

I was lucky enough to pop on by today for their grand re-opening/ribbon cutting/fancy people sighting and got to not only check out the place (bigger than I thought, super cute and not what I had originally pictured), but taste a little bit of their yummy iced coffee (as good as I thought it would be).

Three things I liked:
  1. The staff was totally friendly, and I'm thinking not just because of the folks visiting for the event (the owners were even there and helping out as much as they could and the girls behind the counter were getting hit pretty continuously and were still perky and nice)
  2. There must have been a hundred open burlap sacks full of roasted coffee beans ready and waiting to be scooped and smelling, uh, yummy
  3. Simple syrup, ready and waiting to do it's sweetening magic (just check out here for my ode to this little bit of deliciousness)

So here's the deal with the free stuff: you can get a 16 or 22 ounce hot or iced brewed coffee or tea once a day (don't you dare be greedy and try to snag two - that's just not nice) every single day in September. Just walk your little buns on in, visit the register, and they'll give you a card to use all month long. How lucky are you today??

While you're there, just every couple of visits or so, why don't you actually, y'know, buy a latte or something. Give 'em a little something back, 'k? It won't kill you, and besides, you're gonna be caffeinated on them all month, so it's a nice thing to do. And they'll appreciate it.

And while I've got you, keep your eyes and ears wiiiiiiiide open for an upcoming cooking class on cooking with coffee and tea. I think I may have sweet talked just enough to get them to share some of there goodies so that we can make something fabulous with them.

**sigh**. I love my job.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shall We Have a Little Private Fling?

This fall, I am starting to notice a serious trend, and I like it: Private Cooking Classes.

I just loooooove private classes! Not only do we get to have some fun with menu planning, but we also get to work with a wide variety of groups. We're talkin' neighbors looking to have a night out without the kids (fun), bachelorette parties gettin' it goin' with our slinky aphrodisiac menu (woo hoo!), and even companies either looking for team-building or to wine & dine clients or staff.

We've got so many cool things going on this fall that I'm bursting a little. Not only are we headed up to York, PA for an on-site culinary team-building session, but we're also headed into some private homes to host hands-on cooking classes, as well as hosting several at The Kitchen Studio. We still have space for you to schedule your event, and it's never too early to think about the holidays. See? The first cool days arrive and I'm already thinking December!!

Bored with your book club? Host a meeting at The Kitchen Studio and we'll whip up something related to your book and give your meeting a whole new spin.

Know someone getting married? We've already got a bachelorette party in the works, but we've also hosting bridal shower brunches (how well does that fit in with a kitchen theme? Duh!) and have the bride help with all of the cooking.

Want to pull your team together at work? Get out of the office and into the kitchen! Culinary team-building is a hoot and can go from an easy demo class to our Iron Chef-style challenge, which is always a blast!

I know, I know - Stop talking about The Kitchen Studio CVB, we're not here for that! BUT, if you are thinking about having a little get-together this fall, keep us in mind. We'll throw down for you as seriously as we can, help you learn a little and laugh a lot, and all for around the cost of a really nice dinner out in Frederick. Plus, we do the dishes. And I ask you people, how awesome is that?