Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You're Gonna Top Chef, Right?

It has been all over the local media etc. that one of Frederick's own, Bryan Voltaggio, co-owner of Volt on Market St., is in the latest round of the most challenging and entertaining chef show on tv, Top Chef. The chefs on Top Chef? Kick ass. The challenges are ridiculous but really show mad, crazy skill. Just look up the vending machine challenge, would could possibly make me cry for my mommy. I am obsessed.

I'm guessing that by this point, you've given Volt a try. They've been open over a year and even though budget has kept me away for a few months, you do know of course, that food seriously rocks. And that Voltaggio can win, right? I mean, W.I.N. For real. The guy has skills and I am thrilled to watch him show off his talent on national tv.

One kicker - Voltaggio's brother, Michael is in the running as well. I have no clue as to his skill level, but I'm guessing that he got onto the show for more than just the whole brother v. brother thing. I'll bet he kicks a little ass too. I'm hoping for them going #1 & #2 in the finale, 'cause that would be awesome, but who knows how the whole thing will play out.

So, bottom-line - get off your butt and get the Tivo rolling, because Top Chef premieres this Wednesday, August 19 at 9 on Bravo (channel 273 if you're on DirecTv). If you haven't watched it before, now is the time. Cheer on the hometown guy, not because he's from our hometown, but because he's really that good. Really.


Trout said...

There is a good review of Michael's new restaurant here: http://kevineats.com/2009/08/dining-room-at-langham-pasadena-ca.htm

Looks really good, but doesn't look quite as good as what Volt has been doing recently. The restaurant week menus Volt just posted look great.

cinnamazon said...

Michael is pretty sexy and can cook too! Can't wait to try VOLT for my birthday!! Thanks for your always entertaining blog, Christine.

Chef Christine said...

Well cinnamazon, aren't you a saucy minx! It's a fun season already, and I like that the Volt bros have traded off wins, just in the first 2 shows1 Looks like the boys in general are going to crush the girls (with that one exception),which, as a chick, is a little disappointing. I can't imagine how hard it must be to do those challenges.

You will love Volt - ask for their recommendations and trust them. Have a super awesome time and have a designated driver. When's the bday?

And, a big 'ole mucho gracias for reading. I've got a few more posts in the work now. Rock on minx, rock on.