Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie & Julia, Again

So, you know how sometimes you wait for something and you get your hopes up and then when whatever it is you've been waiting for finally happens you realize that maybe you were looking forward to it just a tiny bit too much and you're disappointed in the end?

Well, Julie & Julia, was nothing like that.

This movie was awesome. Inspiring. Funny. Really, just the perfect movie for me to see right now.


I love it when that happens.

I took a group of folks to go see Julie & Julia tonight, opening night, as a little customer thank you down at The Kitchen Studio. I hosted a tiny little cocktail hour with a few snacks, including Julia's stuffed mushrooms, which were surprisingly good, a little bit of wine, and the chance for some folks who are all about the food to hang.

I'm going to work hard to come up with the right words to really express what it felt like in the theater, but truthfully, it's late as I write this and I've had a very long camp-laden day, so forgive me.

Tonight was a sold-out show (remind me to tell you sometime about my pseudo-scalping of tickets), which I thought could happen, but wasn't 100% on. Goes to show that you should never underestimate the viewing habits of middle-aged women, eh?

As I was sitting there, drawing parallels between my life and that of both lead characters, Julia Child and Julie Powell, I wondered if it was hubris to even do so. But the more I run it through my head, the more I see that it's ok to see the similarities in yourself to an icon, and even just a writer whose work you adore. After all, I'm not saying that I'm fab like Julia (in fact, so far from it as to be absurd), or an entertaining writer like Julie, but more so that Julia was the age I am now when she started cooking. That she had a husband she adored and who adored her right back, and from there hope to rediscover the ability to work hard and devote yourself, almost exclusively, to a project you believe in. And that Julie finally found the right thing for her, though I struggle on that one sometimes.

I laughed, I cried, I looked for inspiration, and (fingers crossed) may have even found it.

So, even if you're not a cook, see it. Now. It's that good.

And if you are a cook, why haven't you gone yet? :)

Ta ta my sweets, and Bon Appetit.


Yeon said...

Christine. You beginning paragraph almost got me. Oh I can't wait to see the movie.

Allie W. said...

Saw it today and LOVED it! Will The Kitchen Studio be offering any classes to help "servantless Americans" like me master the art of French cooking? I'd love to try some of the recipes from the movie.

Chef Christine said...

Absolutely Allie! We're working on it right now and should have it up on the schedule on Monday. Glad you liked the flick too!

Dining Diva of Boca said...

thank you so much for a wonderful evening..Don and I enjoyed everything about it - from the great food and warmth of your kitchen to the fun of embracing the joy of Julia in the movie! Did you not LOVE her sister?? Anyway - it was so generous of you to include us for the celebration. Love you and the Studio!!

Clayvessel said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it, despite the fact that the book wasn't that exciting.

I'll be seeing it with at least two of my best cooking friends. We got together earlier this summer to have an artisan bread baking class in my kitchen. We expect to leave the theater (where they serve wine btw) wanting to eat something good, so we'll go to dinner afterward.

Girls night!