Friday, August 14, 2009

Classes, Classes, and MORE Classes

That's right folks, I finally have the ding-dang class calendar up and ready for your registrations, so you should, y'know, maybe register for some cooking classes. Like, TODAY.

Just sayin'.

But really, I (and my minions - don't 'cha just love minions) have worked hard to pull together some classes that I just know you'll love.

I hear 'ya - "What classes oh Chef Christine? Do tell." How 'bout these:

  • Makin' Bacon (you'll get to (wait for it...Make Bacon!)
  • Decorator Cookies
  • Tribute to Julia French Cooking
  • Vietnamese Street Foods
  • Pig Pickin' Good (all about smoking some piggie)
  • The Secret to Sauces ('cause seriously? I RULE at making sauces)
  • Cooking for One or Two
  • Knife Skills
  • Cooking 101 (3 class series btw)
  • Veggie Soups and Stocks
  • Fall Harvest Baking

Whew. And those are just the adult classes for the next month or two. Just wait until you see the awesomeness that is our new after-school program for kids. "Cause you know that they can (should) be cooking and helping you out. Right?

Do me a favor. Take a class. Or tell a friend that he or she should take a class. Heck, take one together. Because I promise, if you like to cook, we are the folks for you. Plus, it's so much more fun when you have a hand in making the meal, right?

Did I mention that we wash the dishes?

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