Sunday, June 14, 2009

How 'bout a Cooking Birthday Party??

When I opened The Kitchen Studio 4 years ago, I knew that I really wanted the focus to be on teaching cooking classes and offering a high quality meal assembly service. Kids were going to be involved somehow, but I just wasn't sure how much fun it would be on that end of things. You see, at that point, my own kids were 6 & 9 and as any parent knows, your own children affect you in a way no one else's ever could. So I started out slowly offering kid things. A class here or there. Build some gingerbread houses, make some noodles, just something to get them interested. Then a funny thing happened...

I liked it. I mean, I really liked it. The kids were fun. They wanted to learn. They wanted, oh my stars, they wanted to try new foods. And somewhere along the way, it got to be fun. Cracking up fun. Learning how to communicate at exactly their level fun. Really teaching them fun. So much fun in fact, that we started offering summer cooking camps. The first year, just 3 weeks. The second and third years, 4 weeks. This year, 5 weeks. And may I let you know that even in this super-sucky economy, we are 86% sold on all of our camps this year, with 5 completely sold out. How do 'ya like them apples? Perhaps an expansion of services smack dab in the middle of a recession wasn't the smartest idea, but it seems to be working out so far...

But wait a minute you're saying, didn't she title this post something about birthday parties? Why yes, yes I did. Because a few months ago, we started offering kid's hands-on cooking birthday parties, and they have been, AMAZING. Check this out:

(smelling herbs & spices)

  • We set a date for the party (they last 2 hours)
  • You show up with your kid and up to 9 guests
  • We cook
  • We clean

  • The kids eat what they make & take the recipes home
Does it get easier than that? I don't think so. We even provide all of the papergoods etc. Parties have been so popular, that we have had Saturdays where we're going from 10am to 6pm (plus tack on set-up and clean-up time on either end) and don't want to see another pot of fondue as long as we live! We even have parties booked as far in advance right now as September! Can you believe it??? I can't.

Right now we're offering 4 menus, but I'm working on a few new ones (ideas anyone??) to keep things fresh. Here's what we've got:
  • Fun with Fondue (grape jelly meatballs, pizza in a pot & chocolate fondue)

  • Spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread, cupcakes

  • Mexican Fiesta (soft tacos, salsa, dessert nachos, Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes)

  • Pizza, smoothies, & Cupcake

Did I mention that we only charge $275 for up to 10 kids? Compared to what else is out there, even in this day and age I think you're definitely getting your money's worth. We've had so many parents raving about how easy it is and how affordable, not to mention that the kids had a fantastic time, that we're having a trouble keeping it up with it all the compliments! FYI -We also create custom menus, but charge a little extra for that.

(look at those knife skills!)

(sometimes we just get silly)

So, know a kid with a birthday coming up who just looooooves to cook? We're here for you. And your kids. And their friends. Really? Come Play with Your Food. Your whole family will be so happy that you did. :)

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Cris said...

Coming from a chef like you, it's no surprise that you thought of a cooking party. It's a great idea, by the way. Especially for little girls. As a child, I enjoy helping my mom in the kitchen. So I know the kids will really enjoy cooking or baking. And judging by the pictures, they sure did have a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to your 'little chef'!