Thursday, March 5, 2009

Campy McCampersons

Even though it's only March, our Kitchen Studio summer camp schedule is online and ready to go -- yay us!

I am so excited about camps this year! We're using all new menus (excellent news for repeat customers) and we've also developed a few all-new camps. Check it out:
  • Bake-a-Rama (an all-baking camp with cookies, cakes, and my favorite, soft pretzels!)
  • Celebrity Chef (complete with a pretend taping of our own show)
  • Iron Chef for Teens
  • Cross-Country Tour (regional foods of the US)
  • Cooking Around the Clock (just for the little guys!)
  • Advanced Skills for Teens
  • Mediterranean Cooking (Italian, French, Greek, and Spanish food, oh my!)

If you're interested, check out our Kitchen Studio web site here:

We usually sell-out, so please please please don't wait too long to register!

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