Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Talk Tasting Room

Everyone knows that VOLT gets all the buzz around town, but let's not forget all about one of my longtime favorites, The Tasting Room.

Of course you haven't forgotten TR -- it's packed all - the - time. The food is always great and the staff is welcoming and friendly. It's a comfortable place to eat without being too casual or too fancy. I luuuurrrve it!

I eat at TR mostly for lunches because of cost (it's still fairly pricey for dinner) and timing. I'm a huge salmon cake fan (the green sauce is so super garlicky and you will have bad breath for a week, but it is sooooo worth it), but recently branched out into new territory -- the pork cutlets Milanese. Holy cow!

A friend and I went out a few weeks ago and she ordered the pork cutlets, not something I would normally go with, despite my PA love of pork upbringing. But let me tell you, when her order was placed in front of her, I knew that I had to order this dish asap. Picture this: saffron risotto on the bottom, crispy, delicious pork medallions in the middle, then a little arugula salad (just a little tart -- perfect!) on top with a bit of sauce drizzled around. Gorgeous!

My friend Erica and hit TR again on Monday, and those darn pork cutlets were mine. I didn't leave a bit of anything on the plate -- shameful and un-ladylike, but man, with such an excellent dish, there was no way I was leaving even a tiny bit to waste. In fact, I'm ready to go back. Now. No, really.

Though I'm not a cocktail-at-lunch kind of gal, they really do make some pretty amazing martinis (their French martini is a fave) if you're going in the evening or at cocktail hour. I've hit the bar for a few drinks and a few apps before (the foie & bruschetta are fantastic!), skipping the entrees, but that seems to be my m.o. anymore. Ah well.

Hit the Tasting Room for lunch, dinner, cocktails, whatever. You can't go wrong.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Campy McCampersons

Even though it's only March, our Kitchen Studio summer camp schedule is online and ready to go -- yay us!

I am so excited about camps this year! We're using all new menus (excellent news for repeat customers) and we've also developed a few all-new camps. Check it out:
  • Bake-a-Rama (an all-baking camp with cookies, cakes, and my favorite, soft pretzels!)
  • Celebrity Chef (complete with a pretend taping of our own show)
  • Iron Chef for Teens
  • Cross-Country Tour (regional foods of the US)
  • Cooking Around the Clock (just for the little guys!)
  • Advanced Skills for Teens
  • Mediterranean Cooking (Italian, French, Greek, and Spanish food, oh my!)

If you're interested, check out our Kitchen Studio web site here:

We usually sell-out, so please please please don't wait too long to register!