Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh What a Po' Boy!

Forgive me Weight Watchers, for I have sinned. And truthfully, I'm looking to sin again, as soon as I can!

I was lucky enough to have a friend (and my CPA) Sheron suggest Mick's New American Bistro (the old Jennifer's on W. Patrick St.) for a business lunch today. Truthfully, Jennifer's was always ok, but it was never the place I would choose if I had a choice between all of the great downtown restaurants. Maybe because it was off the beaten path a bit, or maybe it was the standard menu and dark, clubby, pubbish atmosphere, but, regardless, it wasn't at the top of my hit parade.

I knew that the place had changed ownership sometime in the fall, but I never gave it another thought, even though you can scope out the back of the joint from the fab new dog park on Bentz St. (where I spend A LOT of time). Fast forward to today...

I parked in back and prayed that I wasn't in a tow-able spot (I wasn't) and headed in though the back door (not to be confused with the kitchen entrance please) and was immediately struck by how light everything was. Bright even. Pretty yellow, new tables and chairs (?), and just a lighter feel and vibe. Hmmm...this looked good. Even the staff was perky!

I sat with Sheron in a booth in front (apparently made for the size 4 crowd, of which I am NOT a member) and did a little "adjusting" to give myself a little more room. Those darn booths are still as uncomfortable as when Jennifer owned the joint, but are now covered in splashy red paint for an update. There was a mirror on the wall, which was a little distracting (mirror, mirror...), but otherwise, it was all pretty basic.

The menu was a photocopy in black and white -- nothing special and hopefully it will be updated into something, well, cuter soon. I took one look and knew immediately what I was having: The Oyster Po' Boy (and for around 10 bucks, natch').

I do love a fried oyster, and I hadn't yet found one that won my heart, as well as my cholesterol-laden arteries and belly, here in Frederick. But today? Today was a delight.

My sandwich was huge, yes (and so was the massive pickle-yuk!), but I'll be darned if those oysters, and there had to be at least 10 of them, were not perfect. Perfect I tell you. Crunchy, juicy, hot, brine-y. Oh my gosh. I may have to walk over there right now to get another. Restraining...restraining. Deep breath, and...go.

Ok. So the oysters were fantastic. The roll was crunchy on the outside, but not too much so, and tender and fresh on the inside. The tomatoes were a little anemic, but it is February so I didn't expect much else. The remoulade wasn't classic (none of the mayo-ness it usually has), but that isn't a complaint. It was fresh-tasting and vegetabley, and really, really wonderful, though lacking the heat you might usually find. Which was totally ok with me btw. Soooooooo good, I asked for more.

Sheron had the grilled mahi sandwich, and when offered a few of my oysters, declined because her sandwich was so good (and a little messy) that she didn't want to put it down.

The fries were more potato wedges and were fine, but after the sandwich, I didn't need no stinkin' fries (insert Treasure of the Sierra Madre reference here).

So, one sandwich and I'm in love with the joint. Darn. I'm getting easier all the time here.

The husband and I are planning to hit Mick's again this weekend to see if it's as good the second (and third, and forth) time around, and I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, try it. Leave Market St. and take a little jaunt up Patrick St. just across the creek. I think Mick's may become my new affordable favorite around town.


Stephanie Y. said...

A poboy? In Frederick? With Fried Oysters? Have I died and gone to New Orleans heaven?

I just moved to Frederick, and having lived my entire life in New Orleans, have missed all things Louisiana cuisine.

Now this! A fried oyster poboy right by my house. Amazing.

Although a remoulade on a poboy seems a bit much (I'm more of a fried oyster and mayo girl-That's how I've always had it in La.) I might try this sans remoulade.

Thank you!

Chef Christine said...

Stephanie-I hope this is up to your standards, being a NO girl and all!

Here's a question right back 'atcha...I'm headed to your hometown this summer with a bunch of cooks -- any recommendations for something un-touristy? We are looking for some serious food, and by serious, I mean real and delicious, not necessarily high $$$ (though we're open to that one night too!).

Stephanie Y. said...

Oh my gosh. First off, jealous.

Second, go to Cochon. http://www.cochonrestaurant.com/

Not touristy at all (or at least it wasn't when we left) but it's getting high praise from all over.

Order the fried alligator as an appetizer. The first time I ate it, I told my waiter "that's the best fried anything I've ever had." It still holds true. The prices are decent there. Get the boucherie plate for some yummy sausages. And for dessert the pineapple upside down cake coconut-lime sorbet & dulce de leche.

Oh man, I'm drooling now.

Do brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. (http://www.courtoftwosisters.com/) The patrons can be touristy as it's smack dab in the French Quarter, but the brunch buffet is like no other. You have the standard brunch items and then N.O. stuff like turtle soup, grits, etoufee, jambalaya, etc. etc. Delicious. You will have to be rolled out of there. ;)

Then head out to Metairie (about a 10 minute drive) and go to Dragos. http://www.dragosrestaurant.com/ Have the oysters anyway you like them, but you must at least try a half order of the Charbroiled Oysters. They started it, so it's the best. Lobster is great too.

I'm so hungry now. :)

Chef Christine said...

Stephanie- Any chance you could provide me with a few more recs? My trip is this week (yay!) and we're pulling together our plan now. We're definitely looking at your eariler ideas and are totally planning to hit those up. Just looking for any last minute inspirations! PS -Love the castles!