Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's Your Chance: 20 Bucks at TKS

I just started a new section in my fab little Kitchen Studio newsletter for our students and customers to provide their own tips, tricks, and hints for the kitchen. Each month we'll feature something amazing (I hope!) in the newsletter and the lucky person providing said tip will receive a $20 gift card to The Kitchen Studio.

Why tell you? Well, you can get in on the action too! Here's the deal: send me an email with your favorite kitchen trick and if we use it (like, ever), you'll get one of our snazzy gift cards. Did you know that a $20 gift card would easily cover a dozen Chippa Chippa Bloem Bloem cookies? I'm just sayin'...

Don't wuss out -- send me something cool, something original, something fun. You can do it!!

Here's something else new: We're also featuring the tips, tricks, or, even better, party planning ideas from our staff. This month, it's citrus tips from Chef/Instructor Caroline. If you don't receive our newsletter already, just join our email list at the Kitchen Studio website (click here: and we'll make sure you get it.

We send out all sorts of coupons and info, so check it out! Please. Seriously people, I'm not beggin'...


Liz said...

I can't find any email info anywhere on your site so I'll just leave a comment.

When having to cut lots of cherry (or other small tomatoes, or grapes for that matter) tomatoes, place a small amount of tomatoes on a flat surface and then cover them with a plastic lid (tupperware, chinese soup take-out lid). Press down on the lid with one hand and slice through all the tomatoes with a sharp knife.

Also, I am a champion composter. Egg shells on tomatoes in the garden are good for that bottom end rot that frustrates so many gardeners.

I want to know about the fish and chips post you promised. I did a post on that and the answer seems to be that you can't get that here.

Chef Christine said...

I'll have to fix that Liz! You can always get to our webpage at and do the contact us page, but I'll try to make it easier from ye olde blog. And thanks for the tip!

The fish and chips thing is really bugging me, but I don't want to be snarky, so I'm trying to figure out how important fish and chips really are to me. I'll do a post, but it really just turns into 1 stinking piece of deep-fried catfish for 15 bucks. I mean really -- first, the server apologized that it was catfish (I don't care), then told me how good it was (ehhh), and then I get one stupid piece of flat fried fish. Did I mention that it was 15 bucks for that one stupid piece of fish (that runs around 3 bucks a pound retail, and this wasn't even half that size) and skinny stupid fries? Truthfully, the restaurant is usually pretty reliable and tasty and it wasn't so much that the food was bad (it was fine), but really!?! I was totally pysched for the meal and then disappointed and felt like my pocket had been picked a little. At least they had malt vinegar...

Liz said...

I have to admit, I saw it that tip on Rachael Ray. And then of course I have to admit that I watch Rachael Ray. But only if nothing else is on.

Re: fish and chips. This is something that I find very important. I am allergic to shellfish, grew up in the Great Lakes region and the whole fish scene around here is frustrating to me. It's hard to find a nice piece of fish that isn't stuffed or topped with crab and/or shrimp (and try ordering it without seafood and see how hard it is to get the bill comped).

I thought I found a decent fish and chips deal at a certain restaurant and it was good for a while and then they cheaped out, different fish, too much batter etc...and I'm in search of something that reminds me of my childhood when Great Lakes perch or walleye was served with a nice coleslaw, decent fries and the star of the day...a piece of fried fish as big as the plate.

Is that too much to ask?