Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Economic Stimulus through Beef Tenderloin...Now We're Talkin'

As I was making my almost-daily jaunt through Costco today (always, always shop early to mid-week), I was certain that I was seeing a typo. Whole beef tenderloin for just $6.99 a pound? Call the cardiologist baby, I'm goin' in!

That's right -- as of today, beef tenderloins are marked at just $6.99 a pound, which is waaaaaaay down from the $13.99/lb I saw not long ago. I picked up a smallish one (4.65 lbs) for right around 35 buck-a-roonies. So, it is with this that I announce the great CVB/Beef Tenderloin economic stimulus package. Go forth and purchase, roast, and enjoy. Obama will be happy and so will your belly. :)

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