Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Volt Wins Recognition (again)

So I get an email from Dennis today (Hey Dennis -- looking forward to seeing you in class on Saturday!) telling me that I need to get it together (my words) and throw a little shout out to Volt. By now, everyone knows that I love Volt (if only I could afford to really eat there!), and I try really hard to make sure my fab 'ole blog here doesn't get too restaurant-centric on a specific establishment, so I try not to be all "Volt! Volt! Volt!" because I could totally write nice things about them all the time and I don't want to seem like I'm pandering blah blah blah, 'cause I'M NOT.


If you check out Washingtonian, our new local favorite has racked up yet another top spot on a top restaurant list. #1in MD, #15 overall. I wish that I had accomplished that in my first six months, which is quite an achievement and really says something not just about Chef Bryan and his awesome crew, but about Hilda and her end of things as well. Such great press this early in the game is a testament to the whole restaurant, not just the kitchen (don't forget that, 'k?). Here's the link: and here's the text if you just want to check that out:

15 Volt ★★★
228 N. Market St., Frederick 301-696-8658

Cuisine: Returning to his hometown of Frederick to open a restaurant in a renovated mansion, former Charlie Palmer Steak chef Bryan Voltaggio exchanged a beefhouse aesthetic for modish plates full of artful detail and savor.

Mood: Locals gather in the swanky bar with caramel-leather couches, while the gallerylike dining room fills up with couples and foursomes. The spacious chef’s dining room, where tasting menus—five courses $69, seven courses $89—are served, is high-energy, with Voltaggio and his busy staff on view in the open kitchen.

Best for: A celebratory meal; an important date; drinks and nibbles with friends in the lounge; lunch or dinner after shopping in downtown Frederick.

Best dishes: Sweetbreads with caper powder; yellowfin-tuna tartare with drizzles of chili oil; oysters on wheat-beer sorbet; an old fashioned with house-made bitters and muddled cherries; butter-poached Maine lobster; lamb loin with merguez sausage, lentils, and mustard greens; chocolate-hazelnut pavĂ© with frozen hazelnut custard; “local fall apples,” a multipart dessert including apple butter with cinnamon doughnuts and caramel frozen custard.

Insider tips: The $14 bar lunch gets you three picks from a menu that includes an Absolut martini and a grilled lamb burger with bleu cheese. Parking is free in the lot next door on weekends and after 5 weekdays.
Service: •••

Gotta say, I forgot about the whole martini lunch thing. Seriously though, I'd rather have a little more food and skip the martini (I am sooooo useless after a cocktail, especially a martini thankyouverymuch).

A little dirt: Rumor has it that the gentleman heading up the service end of things is moving into the sommelier area (Aaron said sayanora, though I'm not sure why), and that someone new will be slipping into managing service. That could be cool, so stay tuned to see how things shake out.

One quick note on the whole Washingtonian thing: If you follow the link and look at the comments, you can see how snarky some of those hardcore food snobs are (though not about our beloved Volt). To this I say, Get a Life, People! I'm willing to bet that these yahoos who write and slam restaurants have never worked in a kitchen a day in their life (and everyone should at some point, imho) and get just a little too worked up about, you know, food.

The other thing is that I really appreciate that you all aren't snarky. Or bitter. Or nasty. So thanks for that and keep on reading.

Coming next: Where the heck can you find good fish & chips around here? Not...


Liz said...

What do you mean Aaron left? No!! I loved that guy!

Anyway, I posted the link to the Washingtonian today too. It's in the comments on the post FYI from VOLT. Someone alerted us to the honor a few weeks ago.

And really, this whole allowing comments on articles (the FNP included) is a bad idea in most cases. It really brings out the rude in people.

Chef Christine said...

I KNOW! There's some tool who loves to post on almost every article in the FNP, and he/she never says anything nice. What a way to live your life, huh?

Anonymous said...

Chef Christine, thank you for your kind words regarding VOLT. Very much appreciate the shout out. Reading the backlog on your blog, here are a couple other comments: Yes Aaron is no longer with us. Bright lights, big city of DC were calling. Replacing him as somm is Neil who is absolutely amazing. Not only with the wines but also in concocting our yum-o-licious cocktails. Witty to boot-when my dear hubby asked him to recommend something nice, dry and white Neil said that his mother was not available but he did have something in the cellar to offer:)
Regarding the our food porn tv - yes i agree it is addictive but even better you can adjust the angle of the camera, zoom in and out and rotate all around the room all from the comfort of your bar stool. next time ask one of the bartenders for the remote. we usually never offer the remote but for you we can comply.

Chef Christine said...

You need a cute little picture up on the 'ole comments section! Show off your fab-ness!

Thanks for the comments, btw. It's a big duh that VOLT is one of my favorites. Big congrats on all the recognition.

Sorry that Aaron hit the road, but I suppose that's his loss now, isn't it. I'll be interested to see how the transition works.

As for the remote -- ah...the POWER. Appreciate the offer, but I don't want to be too much of a kitchen hag. I suppose it will depend on the number of lemon drops coursing through my veins next time I'm at the bar. Planned to stop by this weekend but understand that you are booked - 100% totally spoken for. Congrats there and good luck! Don't forget to have some fun...

Liz said...

It looks like you spoke too soon regarding the nasty comments in the Washingtonian article. Someone left a negative, nonconstructive comment about VOLT on there.