Monday, January 12, 2009

Sushi 101

By now, you all know that I'm about as Japanese as a Ford, so why oh why is one of my most popular classes at The Kitchen Studio Sushi 101? It must be my mad sushi-rolling skills, right?

Last Friday night, I had a sold-out (in 2009, in this economy -- oh yeah) Sushi 101 class. Now here's the thing: most folks associate sushi with raw fish. To quote on of my favorite Simpsons : Au contraire, mon frere! Sushi actually refers to the RICE. Hmmmm.

So, it's Friday night, with a sold out class (12 people), 3 fabulous and stunning kitchen assistants, 1 writer from the FNP, one videographer from the FNP, one photographer from the FNP, and little 'ole me. That equals way too many people, one heckuvalota rice, tons of yummy fillers, and a darn good time. Seriously? One of the most fun classes. Ever.

The students were hysterically funny (two sets of Mike & Jens btw) and good-natured, plus they rolled excellent sushi. We had just a few steroid rolls (that's what I call rolls that are over-stuffed, which is pretty typical when you're just getting the hang of things.)

Anyway, these folks rolled rolls stuffed with crab, mango, great fresh tuna (from Giant Eagle), avocado, carrots, sweet bell peppers, shrimp, and so on and so forth. Everyone ate until sushi shot out their ears (you should have been there!) and we still had a ton to send home with the kitchen assistants and a few of the folks from the FNP.

So, why do I mention? With any luck, there will be an article written by the talented Rochelle Myers (cue slight sucking up sound here...) in the food section this Wednesday or next, plus a little video feature on the FNP web site. Hopefully any photos will not feature me as I did not have the pretty working too well that night, but more on the students and fantastic food.

If you're interested, we still have some space on the first Friday in March (February is sold out - woo hoo!) and I'm considering adding another the first Friday in April too, but am waiting to see the response to March first. While I'm thinking of it, please be sure to let me know if there are any classes you're interested in that we don't have on the schedule. I'd love to have you visit me down at The Kitchen Studio and maybe learn a little somethin' somethin' in the process.

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