Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rice Cookers @ Targhetto

If you took the Sushi 101 class, or are planning to, you may want to check out the rice cookers on sale at Target right now. I was breezing past the small appliance aisle and saw my favorite on an endcap. And what, pray tell, is my favorite? I love the Aroma 8-cup Digital Rice Cooker. It's 30 bucks right now and in the great Ron Popeil tradition -- just set it and forget it.

If you plan on making sushi rice, go ahead and grab one of these babies. Just add your rice, add your water (1:1 if you're making sticky sushi rice), close and push start. It will let you know when it's done. Don't get confused -- you're not going to use this for much more than rice, no matter what the packaging says.

You can also grab one at The Asian Supermarket on Patrick St. (LOVE that place!), but those tend to be a little larger and more serious and I'm just not that serious.

Up Next: Panko-Crusted Duck Egg (one of my top-5 meals...holy cow!)

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