Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Volt White Truffle Dinner This Friday!

For all of you serious foodies out there, I just found out about Volt's first White Truffle Dinner being held this Friday, November 21. This is a big deal event due to the rarity and expense of the glorious white truffle.

What the heck is a white truffle and why should you care? Isn't it just an oversized, expensive mushroom? Au contraire! The white truffle is highly prized for its unique taste and aroma, plus it's pretty darn pungent. These are a true delicacy and this dinner is a rare event, mostly because it's truffle season and these babies are pretty darn expensive (Wikipedia lists them as going for $1,300 to $2,700 per POUND, so you'll understand why this dinner has to be a little on the pricey side). They are typically shaved, very, very thinly on top of a dish, but I'm sure Chef Brian knows his way around these lovely little fungi and will wow everyone.

The dinner will be held in Volt's Chef's dining room (my favorite spot in the house) and will have 2 seatings, 6pm and 8:30 pm. Hold on to your hats, because this one is going to set you back $150 a plate, plus $50 to add on the wine tasting (what's a cup of water when you're drowning -- go for it!). This really is a special event with a really special ingredient and if you've got the budget, you should give it a try.

Reserve by giving Volt a call or check out their website. Here's a link to it to make things easier for you: If you make it to the dinner, please let me know what wonders you enjoyed!


Trout said...

For those who can't quite afford the truffle dinner, they also have a new lunch menu for the bar area. You can pick any three items from a decent list of food and drinks for $14 (Plus $1 water surcharge, Plus Tax, Plus Tip, Totals about $19). I got a lamburger (Lamb burger, but it sounds better as 'lamburger' IMO), Squash Soup with coconut foam and curry oil, and a frisee salad with lardon and a poached egg. Well worth the price.

Chef Christine said...

That sounds awesome (even the "lamburger", which does sound cool)! I'll give it a try.

Liz said...

Just a quick correction that the dinner is on the 21st, not the 11th.

It's a bit steep for me but I'd love to hear about it from someone who goes. Hopefully some of your readers will go and report back.

Chef Christine said...

Thanks for the correction Liz! Sometimes my fingers move faster than my brain. I'll make the correction now.