Saturday, September 20, 2008

Open House Today

If you're up for an adventure, or, let's be real here, and excuse to get out of the house, we're hosting an open house down at The Kitchen Studio today from 10 am until 1:30 pm.

There's food for sampling (Black Bean Pumpkin Soup and Slow Cooker Cassoulet), Chippa Chippa Bloem Bloems available for tasting and buying, plus discounts on fall classes and MTB sessions. You'll also get to meet me, and more importantly, I'll get to meet you!

We'll have a few cooking demos for kids, plus show off a few basics for grown-ups like how to properly cut an onion etc., and will do our best to answer any food questions you throw out at us.

There will also a food trivia game with...PRIZES! Can you say "free t-shirt"??? And lastly, our Annual Used Cookbook sale. Keep in mind, these aren't loser titles like The Florence Henderson Shortcut in the Kitchen Cookbook, but good quality cookbooks and commentary by folks you've heard of (Rachael Ray, Mad Martha, Cooking Light, Gael Greene and dare I say, Jessica Seinfeld -get that one out of my school now please!!!).

So, bring a friend and come meet us down at The Kitchen Studio!

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