Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Demo At The Common Market This Saturday!

That's right folks, MORE free demos -- woo hoo! If you've got kiddies, you won't want to miss this one on Saturday, September 27 at 11:30 & 1 at our very own Common Market on Buckeystown Pike.

I'll be doing two quick demos on how to make your child's lunch box a little sassier. The recipes are quick and basic, but totally yummy, and dare I say, good for you too (it is at The Common Market after all!!). We'll have samples of the three dishes I'm preparing (3 dishes in 30 minutes? Say it isn't so!), plus I'll be around to answer questions and meet and greet between demos.

While I've got you, don't forget to sign up for awesome classes and Make It, Take It, Bake It! sessions at The Kitchen Studio this fall. Not only will you have a great time and a full tummy, but you'll be supporting a local business, and truthfully, you know you want to come down and hang out. Even though our food costs have risen sharply over the past several months, we haven't changed our portion sizes or raised our prices, because we're crazy like that! We want to continue to give you an excellent product and a good time, even though the economy has us all a little nervous right now.

That said, come check us out (, take a class, bring a friend, join our email list (we send out special offers all the time that aren't advertised anywhere else!), order some delicious cookies :), well, just come to The Kitchen Studio. We want you to Come Play with Your Food!


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