Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rising Food Costs & The Food Biz

Food costs are quickly approaching new heights, even locally. Certainly this is no news to anyone who has made a trip to the grocery store in the last couple of months. Being in the food business, food costs made a huge difference to my bottom line. Folks at home tend to think only of their soaring grocery costs, not those of the businesses they use.

Yesterday's Washington Post had a great article by food critic Tom Sietsema on how Washington area restaurants are handling the problem. Here's a link if you want to check it out:

At The Kitchen Studio, we're working hard to keep our costs in control so that no price increases are necessary as we weather this hopefully temporary storm. Rest assured, our customers and students will continue to receive the excellent quality fresh food that we are known for. We're not going to skimp just because it hurts a bit in the pocketbook right now. We're proud of the food we offer, both in classes AND Make It, Take It, Bake It! (and soon to be coming Chippa Chippa Bloem Bloems!) and promise the same great quality at the same great price.


Unknown said...

Hello Christine. I just stumbled upon your blog while searching online for a caterer in Frederick. Do you know of any? It seems like you know whats going on in the Frederick food scene. I was born and raised in Frederick, but haven't lived there for 10 years... back when the Ethiopian restaurant was the Snow White Grill and Proof was The Provence Too.

Chef Christine said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I remember The Provenece Too! & The Snow White Grill -- hasn't Frederick changed?? There are several great caterers in the area, depending on the scope of your event. I have a few smaller folks that I can recommend that always do a lovely job for small groups (50 and under). Call me during the week at The Kitchen Studio for contact info. As for a large, high-end event, I'd stick with Canapes. They run a good crew over there and the food is always excellent. They have a satellite office on East St. (over around 8th) that you can check out.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your suggestions! I'm going to try canapes as I'm planning a wedding for about 100.