Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coffee Anyone???

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about supporting local businesses, especially those downtown. But today, it seems like no matter what, my efforts to secure a little caffeinated deliciousness were thwarted! Perhaps it was just my utter need for a caffeine boost on this daylight savings time "spring forward" day, but it was all but impossible to get coffee downtown this afternoon.

I was meeting my new friend Ross to discuss a cool place I stumbled across for his business (he'll be entrepreneur of the year 2010 or 2011) and suggested that we meet downtown for a caffeine buzz. My first choice? La Dolce Vita on Carroll Creek. There is a lot of really great coffee downtown, but this is my favorite. I can pick up some caramel notes just in the regular beans and their milk foaming (I know, I'm such a prima donna) is perfect. It is truly delicious. I was physched, especially to introduce someone new to this independently-owned shop.

Well gosh darn it, it was closed! At 4:00! On a Sunday! With daylight savings time, so it was really like 3:00 (ok, I'm sounding desperate...) Ross was waiting for me when I got there (I was on time, I swear!) and said that he had counted no fewer than 12 people trying to get in in the 10 minutes he had been there. Ever since their new winter hours have gone into effect, I can't get a bevie there. I am bummed! I like to drink coffee before 9:00 (seriously -- it's a coffee shop) and sometimes a little later in the afternoon, especially on weekends. During the week, my friend Josh and I had to go around the corner to Nola, on Patrick St. So naturally, that was my second choice today, mostly because the sofa is really comfy.

Nope. Nola was closed too, and their sign said that they're open until 6 on Sunday. This was at 4:35. Errrrrr.

Finally, we popped into Proof. I like their coffee (not as much as those AMAZING pastries) and we got the comfy seats by the window (I LOVE sitting there). Proof was hoppin' and partly I'm thinking because it was the only shop open in that part of Patrick/Market Sts. The coffee was yummy, and I was grateful they were open, though we were promptly booted out at closing time (6p).

I know that The Frederick Coffee Company is open 24/7, it just wasn't close to where I was, and ever since I broke my toe (that's another post...) I just can't stroll around the same way I could a few weeks ago.

I was thinking, Starbucks (the evil empire to some) was totally open. Their service is quick and the coffee is reliable. I still really, really, really want to patronize locally owned and operated businesses, but sometimes, there's no other choice.

Thoughts? I am just cranky because I could practically taste that cappuccino from La Dolce Vita and was then shut down? Should I just get over myself (be gentle dear readers :)?

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Anonymous said...

I was at Cafe Nola last night and I had one of their tea lattes--the Canadian Hug. Delicious! That's what it's all a-boot!