Friday, November 9, 2007

Middletown's The Main Cup

Woo hoo baby -- I just got back from another fantastic lunch at my new favorite restaurant, The Main Cup, located on Main St. in Middletown.

For those of you who have never heard of this little gem, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. I've been for lunch (twice) and have shared and had tastes of my lunch date's meal both times. So far, the rockfish and chips (so good plus they actually had malt vinegar on hand), the eggplant parm sandwich, & the steak sandwich, were really great and totally worth the drive from downtown Frederick. The chicken salad was good, but I can easily make that myself, so I didn't beg my friend too hard for hers. Besides, those fish and chips were cooked just right and I wanted to clean the plate without too much distraction (I did :). I even had the opportunity to speak to their new chef, Jordan. What a cutie! He's young and earnest and headed to the CIA (the good one, Culinary Institute of America) sometime in the next year. I even got a little sneak peak at his yummy new Sweet Tomato Dressing. I'll have to give that one a try next time I'm there.

My cappuccino was perfect with a nice foamy topper and served in a mug. It wasn't quite as hot as I like, but that didn't bother me too much because otherwise, it was great. I'd love to see a bigger selection of desserts to go with the coffee, because you know I've got to satisfy my sweet tooth. Kim (one of the owners) assures me that's coming soon.

The Main Cup is located right on Main St., but you'll do best to park behind the building. There are several additional businesses located back there and you may find something else you like (yoga anyone?). The building has been lovingly renovated and is cut up into many nooks and crannies. There's a small private room where I'm dying to take my investment club, a comfy coffeehouse-style gathering room in front, and then a little nook leading back to the bar area. With exposed brick and warm colors, this is the perfect place to hang out on a cold, rainy day.

The Main Cup serves dinners as well, though I haven't had the opportunity to give those a try yet. You can check out their full menu at They're open Monday through Saturday, and therein lies my only real complaint. As a small business owner, I recognize that you've got to have a day off, and even those days off are really just days you're not open to the public, not so much days you aren't working. But, in making the drive (ok, it's not too long, but when do I ever get over to Middletown?), often the only time I've got some time is Sunday. Hopefully someday soon Kim & Bob will be able to open regularly on Sunday.

The Main Cup is now featuring live music on some weekends. The next group to perform will be the Howard Burns Trio next Friday night (11/16) from 7-10pm. You may even see me there. Give The Main Cup a try and tell them Christine sent you.

One quick note: When I review a restaurant, I pay my own way. I don't accept food for free from the owners or staff so that I can be as unbiased as possible. It's a little thing, but it's important to me.


Anonymous said...

If this review was coming from someone with a blog that was NOT award winning, then I'm not sure I would take it seriously. But, since this is an award-winning blog, this review must be true!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try it as soon as we get up to visit!
- Patsy

Anonymous said...

I finally passed through Middletown on a Saturday and was able to try Main Cup. My quiche was not mind-blowing, but it was definitely good and was accompanied by a very tasty little salad.

After waiting so many months for them to open, I'm glad I finally stopped. The atmosphere and decor are perfectly "coffee house". Good to have another spot to add to my favorite list, though I'm also eager to see them open on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

I really Loved the Hair Co Vere.

Unknown said...

It's a shame that such a cute little restuarant would have has such terrible service and food. Our waitress was rude, slow and smelled so strongly of stale smoke my husband wanted to leave as soon as she got us our drinks. My husband and I split an order of Risotto Croquettes which was without a doubt the most disgusting combination of flavors I've ever tasted. I love pesto and taleggio but all this dish served to do was ruin both. Both of us had a salad for our main course which were fine although anything after that disguesting appetizer I would have been happy with anything.The young couple at the table next to us remarked that it's usually this bad but they come for the bartender. If your looking for a place to get a good mixed drink this may be the place to go but I don't suggest eating here.

Chef Christine said...

Ruth, I'd encourage you to give it another try. I've always enjoyed meals at The Main Cup, especially their steak salad. I usually eat there for lunch instead of dinner, so maybe give that a try. Really, I've found it to be very good and reliable.